Types of Zenator Users

What types of Zenator Users are there?
There are three: Zenator Super User, Zenator Power User and Zenator Business User

What are the requirements to be a Zenator Power User?
A Zenator Power User will require strong IT skills, a technical background as an Engineer or Technician and some project experience.

What happens after Power User Training?
Power User Training is our comprehensive five day training course in our cutting-edge Zenator software. Your training includes best practice uses of our tool as well as detailed functional training. After training, you will be capable of joining a project, report to the Zenator Super User, to perform data population, configure workflows in Zenator to match project requirements and mentor Zenator Business Users (the Systems Completion team) to help them complete the commissioning phases of a project.

What is the difference between a Super User and a Power User?
A Zenator Super User is a Systems Completion Engineer and and Implementation Specialist, initially trained as a Power User, with further skills gathered over at least two projects and five years continuous experience of using Zenator. As a Super User, you will be capable of going into a project to coordinate with the Commissioning Manager, Systems Completion team and other key stakeholders to define the way the project will be safely completed using Zenator. On larger projects, the Super User will manage the Zenator team comprising Power Users and Technical Clerks.

What training is available for Zenator Users?
Zenator Business Users typically receive between 4 to 8 hours of training learning the read-only skills they will need in order to use Zenator and do their job. Business Users can range from Managers to Technical Clerks. Zenator Power Users take a 5-day, 40 hour training course. usually performed on-site. Zenator Super Users can take additional training modules in coordination with Falcon Group and the customer, or the required skill levels can be attained through experience and continuing professional development (CPD).

What support is available for Power Users?
Details of our community of practice (CoP), a forum for all Zenator Users, will soon be posted on this site. All categories of Zenator User will be able to learn about job opportunities, maintain skill levels through continuing professional development (CPD), share experiences, provide constructive feedback and generally help Falcon Group continuously improve the quality of our products, while managing your own career development.

Is experience of other Project Completions Management Systems (CMS) an advantage?
Absolutely. Any and all knowledge of generic asset verification management systems will be valuable for our Power Users. A skilled Administrator, highly experienced in a competitor product may required to undergo only a 2 to 3-day, 16-24 hour conversion course.

What job opportunities are there for Global Falcon certified Zenator Power Users and Super Users?
As a Power User, you will have a fantastic opportunity to develop a career in Systems Completion and Commissioning & Start-Up, to Super User and then Completions Manager. It is no surprise that many customers put their best young talent through our training course so that the Commissioning Managers of the future receive the knowledge and skill they will need, to intimately understand how a project is safely and fully commissioned, with no production bottlenecks or significant overruns. Zenator Power Users and Super Users are exposed to global projects, with international travel, career advancement and top salaries.
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