What Makes Us Unique

  • All companies can explain What they do. Some people in those companies can explain How they do it. At Falcon Group we are focused on Why. This is what makes us different from the rest and aligns us with other successful innovators like the Wright brothers and Apple. We know this is true from our customer feedback. (Follow the link to see Alan Mills’ Why).
  • Our technical team has over 150 man years experience of Systems Completion acquired through the implementation of PathMaker and Zenator on hundreds of projects worth billions of dollars. Through social media we have a large forum of Zenator Super Users and Power Users providing us with constant feedback to help further improve our products. Can any of our competitors boast this much expertise and knowledge?
  • We have a proven, constant commitment to continuous improvement through the development of Zenator. Starting in 2015 the oil & gas industry went through its most severe downturn. These have been mighty challenging times and yet we have continued to issue one to two new releases of Zenator each year. Our commitment to continuous improvement proves our hunger to remain at the forefront of technological advancement.
  • We believe our commercial model of providing exceptional value makes us the company with the lowest total cost of ownership (TCO). We have increasing evidence from customers where we have displaced a competitor that Falcon Group with Zenator provide the lowest TCO. Contract directly with Falcon Group for Zenator, you will understand and believe our claim to have the lowest TCO.
    During 2016, we completed the successful Data Migration of 400 “live” projects during December 2016. This is a truly unique event and sets us firmly apart from our competitors.
  • Our training is both industry-approved and accredited.
  • ECITB have approved MasterClass CSU for Oil & Gas and Renewables.
  • ECITB have approved MasterClass CSU for Civil Nuclear, making us truly unique.
  • The American Petroleum Institute has accredited our Zenator and MasterClass CSU courses.
  • Can any of our competitors make similar claims?