Our Affiliates

As in life, at Falcon Group we know the importance of having friends.  We greatly value having these close relationships, some cultivated over many years. 

With our business friends – our affiliates – we create synergies that otherwise wouldn’t exist.

Our individual business friends are too numerous to mention while the companies we are pleased to count as our affiliates, in no particular order, include:

  • Competas When faced the question of how to quantify a person’s competency for a particular set of technical tasks, Dexcrest’s owner, Nigel Pickard, found there weren’t any tools available to use.  So he built his own.  Competas is the only industry-approved competency assessment tool that specialises on CSU skill-sets of all Disciplines and ability levels.
  • Dexcrest is quite possibly the world’s oldest engineering consultancy specialising in CSU, established over 30 years ago.  Important then, vital now.  With Dexcrest, we have enjoyed the support and close working relationship of our longest-standing affiliate.
  • Ian Sutton Having authored many best-selling text books on the subject of Process Safety, Ian tackles the existential threat of Climate Change.  Find out how Ian believes we can address our predicament.
  • Nexus Alliance Ltd Finding a reliable and trustworthy local partner isn’t easy, so we are delighted to have such a relationship with the Directors of Nexus in Nigeria.
  • Process Technical Services Our relationship with PTS goes back to 2005.  We welcome the close-working relationship of partnering with PTS where our skill-sets complement one another.
  • PT EJJV Extending from Jakarta north to Seoul, we have been able to better support our customers in East Asia through the enduring relationship we enjoy with PT EJJV and CY Yoon.
  • Ulmus Consulting are owned by Ed Martinez and for many years Alan Mills has enjoyed a close professional relationship with Ed as a trusted advisor on Systems Completion, Commissioning & Start-Up matters.
  • Upstream Engineered Solutions the single most influential person to have set the trajectory for Falcon Group since the mid-2000s, is Upstream’s owner, David Muse.  Simply put, without David’s involvement, none of the past 17 years would have happened.