We offer a range of vocational courses to develop skills and competencies in your workforce. All our courses are structured with an in-depth understanding of the variable academic ability of individuals across job groups, and the need to meet customer requirements. Classroom training is delivered from our UK and site offices, with on the job training (OJT) usually delivered at the customer’s operations base.

Computer-based training (CBT) is provided through Zenator Systems, giving Operators a structured and continuously assessed course in Plant Commissioning and Operations.

Our trainers are all highly experienced oilfield professionals, accredited with British and European training institutions and with many years as specialised teachers and facilitators nurturing skills with Operators from developing countries. Many of our trainers are bi-lingual in either French and English or Arabic and English. We also provide interpreters when needed.

Our training courses and materials are developed and delivered in English as standard, with options for French, Arabic and local dialects. Course materials are delivered in English as standard, with options for French and other languages on request.

Management Training:


We have delivered management training around the world since 1992 to the present day; our courses closely based on theories developed by Peter Scholtes, The Team Handbook, etc. We apply the highly successfully proprietary training materials of Oriel Inc. Training in TeamWorking, is particularly important for organisations that are seeking radically improve operating performance without increasing costs. TeamWorking realises the potential in your workforce by enabling them to work together in the most highly-effective ways. Individuals will develop inter-personal and communication skills, learn how to effectively conduct and control meetings, learn how to solve problems, identify an improvement project within the organisation and work together as a team to plan, manage, execute and record the results. TeamWorking is particularly well-suited to organisations that want to see immediate results that are both tangible and beneficial to the company’s performance.


When managers and supervisory staff are not attending meetings, many find themselves increasingly either preparing or reading reports. Badly written reports are difficult to read, demand greater perseverance from the reader, and risk being ignored or at least not fully comprehended. A badly written report may be the result of poor grammar, overuse of jargon and abbreviations, poor structure, bad presentation, or a combination of these.

We deliver short courses at the customer’s premises, tailored to meet the demands of those undergoing in effective communication skills, and specifically, effective report writing. Programmes are structured for those with a technical or non-technical background, and those who do not have English as a first language. By completing this course, individuals will develop a set of tools that will enable them to be competent at preparing concise, structured and well-written reports that clearly convey the stated objectives.


Our expert professional resources and links with other UK training organisations, such as City & Guilds and ASET of Aberdeen, enable us to deliver competency-based training and training in the use of our Zenator Asset Verification Management Systems.

Our competency-based training programmes ensure Operators, Technicians, Engineers and Managers receive accredited training, tailored to fit the particular needs of their operating environment.

Our computer-based training programmes have multi-lingual options and offer customers the most cost-effective means by which Operators, Technicians and Engineers can receive the training they need, 24/7 at some of the world’s most remote locations. The online help service means support is always at hand.

Our well qualified and highly experienced Engineers and Trainers enable Learning by Doing as your Operations personnel receive structured, valuable on-the-job (OTJ) training during the Commissioning and Completions phase of the project.

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