Falcon Global has operations Worldwide. Our Project Completion Systems is currently used on projects in Australia, China, UK, Nigeria, Kazakhstan and Russia to name but a few. The head office and the software development team is based in the United Kingdom. Our US subsidiary – Global Falcon Americas – is based in Houston.

Our Asset Integrity Management System, Zenator, has rapidly become the Industry Standard Project Completion and Commissioning tool. The construction industry has generally realised that the Completions and Commissioning phase in a project is not an afterthought to be tacked onto the end and managed with a bunch of spreadsheets and access databases. Rather, commissioning activities should actually dictate the project plan at the design and construction stages to ensure completion on time and safely. In addition, the industry has realised the consequences, in cost terms, of overruns and inefficient management of the commissioning and competition stage.

Zenator was designed to solve each of these challenges and many more. Our solutions deliver for all sizes of project and for every budget. Zenator Live! delivers a hosted version of our latest software which smaller projects can use on a pay-per-month basis. Major Corporate clients generally choose a group licence from which multiple projects can utilize Zenator by paying only for training and specific customizations.

Zenator continues to evolve with Russian and Chinese translations, constant new innovations in Walk Down capture of ITRs and Checksheets using ruggedized handheld devices and even innovative solutions for entirely paperless Commissioning processes. By listening to our prestigious clients and working hand in hand as a solutions provider Falcon Global has taken the lead in this important industry solution.

Our flagship product was called PathMaker . It is currently being used by Owner Operators and EPC Contractors on some of the largest and most complex projects in the energy sector. Zenator supersedes Pathmaker as the product to take our solutions to the next level.

Our philosophies have attracted support industry wide. Our way of working ensures that local people are trained to use our Project Completion Systems, for example, in Nigeria twenty one nationals recently graduated at one of three levels of Zenator and Pathmaker user. We also consider our product to solve a current industry headache for Operators. The data generated by Zenator throughout the project life cycle is so comprehensive, well organised and intuitive in design that completions are now in a position to hand over, not only a fully commissioned and safe project, but a way of managing the hundreds and thousands of pieces that make up that project to the new Operator.

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