As one of the Energy sectors most established and reputable providers of specialised resources, Falcon Global aims to deliver solutions that go beyond finding the right person for a role.    With unparalleled experience in visa, LOI, travel, accommodation and all other logistics since the year 2000 and covering every conceivable location, Falcon Global consistently delivers for customers above and beyond expectations.

Falcon Global offers unrivalled resources to cater for the full range of project management functions. Our skill sets include highly motivated, qualified and suitably experienced engineers.  We provide specialists with skills to match all Projects, Production and Operations roles.  Seamless integration with the established project or operations team is achieve by meticulously aligning our deliverables with the clients requirements.

Our continuously updated and international database spans a broad range of technical, commercial and managerial skill sets. It includes 2,000 CVs, comprising more than 30 nationalities, ranging from managerial and supervisory levels, to engineers, planners, project controls, logistics and procurement, trainers and translators. All are well qualified and experienced.  Your enquiry will receive a response, usually with a CV attached for review within 24 hours.

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