Reviews of MasterClass Foundation Training

Jerry L McAfee, Process Plant Startup Director, Process Technical Services

"MasterClass gave me an understanding of the capabilities of current Completions Management Systems, the role they can play in providing organization and structure for the Completions process, and the value that the good ones like Zenator provide as a tool for assuring complete documentation packages for turnover to Operations."
Footnote: I was honored to have Jerry McAfee attend the Foundation MasterClass recently in Houston. Jerry teaches what until publication of API RP 1FSC was known in the US as the "Bill Tillman method". Bill Tillman is the grand daddy of Systems Completion methodology and with it CSU training, and Jerry took over the role from DuPont's Bill Tillman in the 1980s. It was DuPont and Bill Tillman that gave birth to the concept of progressive Systems Completion and with it, Systemization, Checksheets and Certification. DuPont exported their know-how to their UK technology partner, ICI in the 1970s. British Engineers working in the North Sea industry during the 1970s deployed what was known as the "ICI Method". By the 1980s every major Operator working in the North Sea had adopted the "Bill Tillman method" as their own, without recognizing or crediting its origins.
API RP 1FSC has helped bring this story full circle and I feel very proud to have had the great Jerry McAfee attend my class.

Aadel Sarfani, CP Supply Chain Lead Vito – Offshore Installation & Commissioning

As Commissioning & Start-Up continues to grow recognition in its importance and value, I realized that immersive training classes would be needed to gain a better understanding. Global Falcon offered a course on Commissioning & Start-Up with API RP 1 FSC led by Alan Mills. To manage my novice understanding, Alan kept ensuring the content was clear and the brainstorming/discussions in the room were relevant to all attendees. On top of that, the customer service made me feel warm and welcomed. Overall, the training class was intuitive and it was clear that Alan and company had invested a lot of resources in developing the content and facilitation process. If it is feasible to attend this I highly recommend Falcon Global as it has been integral to my development in this space!