Kent Kazakhstan Development Academy (KKDA)

A very special event took place during August in Atyrau, Kazakhstan. Kent PLC held a virtual graduation ceremony for Kent Kazakhstan Development Academy (KKDA).

To celebrate the accomplishment of two of Kent’s brightest stars, Ms Guliya Abdessova and Birzhan Badel, many 0f the company’s senior management, including Managing Director, Mr David Touhey attended the ceremony.  Also in attendance were Ms Melody Sheybani, Stephen O’Callaghan, Ed Reynold, Mark Mitchell, Paul O’Brien, Zhanar Ablayeva.  The graduation ceremony was organised by Training & Development Manager, Ms Indira Kadyrkhanova.

Guliya Abdessova and Birzhan Badel had successfully completed MasterClass CSU Foundation training and Course Leader, Alan Mills was honoured to attend as an invited guest.

A key driver behind the KKDA program is Director of People & Organizational Development, Ms Melody Sheybani.

On graduation day, Ms Indira  Kadyrkhanova said, “We are close to our second intake KKDA 2.0 launch so with the support of our management, they too will participate in Technical & Commissioning training and KKDA opportunities.

Ms Melody Sheybani provided an important update when she informed Alan Mills, “We are very proud and honored to have the opportunity in Kent to provide local Kazakh nationals both technical and leadership opportunities to develop beyond their existing skills and job titles.

Our aim in Kent is to develop the local talent for future roles within the company, and for that objective we have recently launched KKDA wave 2 with an intake of more than locals within the organisation.

Falcon Global look forward to working closely with Kent in the development and fulfillment of stated objectives for KKDA 2.0.