Alan Mills helps ECITB to develop Training Standards in CSU

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Falcon Global's MD, Alan Mills has been working closely with the UK's Engineering Construction Industry Training Board to produce the first training standards in Systems Completion, Commissioning & Start-Up. “Throughout my career there has not been an internationally accepted standard for the CSU of facilities in the Process industries. If you think about it, that is quite extraordinary. Not surprisingly, there were not any training standards or recognised qualifications either.", said Alan Mills, Managing Director of Falcon Global, adding, "I spoke with ECITB about the gap and they agreed. I am delighted to have been working with the guys at ECITB, helping to ensure the new talent joining our profession can learn about Systems Completion and CSU in a structured manner, and be recognised for their achievement. Of course all…
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Alan Mills talks with Thomas Stuenkel about Systems Completion, Commissioning and Zenator

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Commissioning Coach, Thomas Stuenkel talks with Alan Mills about Systems Completion, Commissioning and Zenator The Search for a Silver Bullet - Listen to the the full conversation here: Thomas Stuenkel is known worldwide as The Commissioning Coach and has done terrific work to advance the professionalism of CSU and Systems Completion. His classes and podcasts reach the widest audience of CSU professionals. In March 2019 Thomas interviewed Falcon Group CEO, Alan Mills, with deep and important questions in, “The Search for a Silver Bullet“. Grab a coffee or a cup of tea, sit back and listen to the interview in full. Don’t forget to post any comments or replies to Thomas ( or Alan ( Background Alan Mills specializes in Commissioning & Start-Up (CSU) and is a subject matter expert in Systems…
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