MasterClass CSU Engineer Nuclear gets ECITB approval

MasterClass CSU training has the Energy Industry covered

We are delighted to announce that ECITB, the UK’s leading industrial training organization, has renewed its approval of MasterClass CSU Engineer training and has also approved our latest course, MasterClass CSU Engineer Nuclear.

Engineers taking our CSU training have the opportunity to obtain internationally recognized certification and then go on to create job openings and possibilities that will advance their career across the Energy Industry worldwide.

Employers will dramatically enhance their reputation, capability and performance by building mission-critical skills, adding to the bottom line.

MasterClass CSU Engineer Nuclear is a new course with internationally recognized certification, aimed at skill building for the nuclear sector.

As the Energy Industry needs skilled, qualified people to safely deliver the projects that will take us to NetZero (NZ2050) and beyond, you can be part of the action.  If your employer is an ECITB member then sign up with them, or sign up here.

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