Falcon Group has operations Worldwide.  Currently supporting over 400 projects across 15 time zones, our Project Completions Management System (CMS), called Zenator, is currently in use in the US, Angola, Australia, China, Algeria, UK, Oman, Indonesia, UAE, Nigeria, Korea and Japan. Our head office is based in Houston, Texas and the software development team is based in the United Kingdom.

Zenator is also in the genre of an Asset Verification Management System, and since it was launched in 2009, has rapidly become the Industry Standard for Systems Completion (SC) through Commissioning & Start-Up (CSU). It is generally understood by the construction industry that SC through CSU phase in a project is not an afterthought to be tacked onto the end and managed with a bunch of spreadsheets and home-spun databases. Rather, the priority and sequence of commissioning activities should actually dictate the project plan at the design and construction stages to ensure completion on time and safely. In addition, the industry seems to have realized the consequences, in cost terms, of overruns and inefficient management of SC through CSU.

Zenator was designed to solve each of these challenges and many more. Our solutions deliver for all sizes of project and for every budget.  Zenator Live! delivers a hosted version of our latest software which smaller projects can use on a pay-as-you-go basis.  Major Corporate clients generally choose a group license from which multiple projects can utilize Zenator by paying only for training and specific customizing.

Zenator continues to evolve with Portuguese and Russian translations. We embrace mobile technology with Walkdown Capture, an application for recording and clearing Punch List Items in the field, using ruggedized tablet devices.  Due for release in 2017, Zenator Lite is the tablet version enabling an entirely paperless SC and CSU process.  By listening to our customers and partnering with them Falcon Group has taken the lead in this important industry solution.

Our philosophy of training local talent has attracted support industry-wide.  We ensure that local talent are highly trained in the use of Zenator.  For example, in Nigeria, since 2007 over 50 engineers have been trained from Power User to Super User in Zenator to support projects for Chevron.  It has been a similar story in Indonesia, where the brightest and best young talent quickly developed the skills needed to bring a major project to a successful completion for ExxonMobil during 2015 and 2016.